Is Dairy Queen cookie dough gluten free?

If you’re familiar with Dairy Queen Blizzards, you know how yummy they are and this Gluten Free Cookie Dough Blizzard is no exception. Ice cream, your favorite mix-in, and away you go with the most delicious shake around.

Is anything gluten free at Dairy Queen?

For those with gluten sensitivity, we recommend trying one of our manufactured novelties: Dilly Bars, Buster Bar Treats, Fudge Bars, Vanilla Orange Bars, or Starkiss® Bars, which can be found in sealed plastic wrappers.

This Blizzard is coming to DQ locations and you’re about to fall deeply in love at first bite. This cookie dough-stuffed treat is made with vanilla soft serve blended with chocolate chip cookie dough bites and double the fudge, including rich chocolate chunks and cocoa fudge inside.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard® Cake | Dairy Queen® Menu.

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Dairy Queen’s April Blizzard of the Month, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, does NOT contain cookie dough that is peanut butter flavored. … The chunks add a pleasant snap and welcome contrast to the buttery base and soft, gritty cookie dough pieces. The real draw though is the top-billed combo with peanut butter.

Which Dairy Queen Blizzards are gluten free?

If you would like to try one of our famous Blizzard® treats, the following is a list of gluten-free Blizzard® treats.

  • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard®
  • Butterfinger® Blizzard®
  • Snickers® Blizzard®
  • Heath® Blizzard®
  • M&M® Blizzard®
  • Banana Split Blizzard®
  • Hawaiian Blizzard®
  • Tropical Blizzard®

Does subway have gluten free bread?

The Gluten-Free bread is manufactured in a gluten-free facility. However, other menu items and ingredients in our restaurants contain gluten and are prepared on shared equipment, so we cannot guarantee that our menu items are 100% gluten-free.

What is the healthiest Blizzard at Dairy Queen?

Stealing the number one spot on our list is the Banana Split Blizzard. It’s the lowest-calorie and least fattening option you’ll find.

The new Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard features chocolate chip Cookie dough, choco chunks and cocoa fudge blended with the brand’s signature vanilla soft serve.

The frozen treats also include the famous blizzards, such as the chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard, salted caramel truffle blizzard, and the Butterfinger blizzard treat. The frozen treats range from $2 to $5. There are many different types of chicken items on the menu. These items range from $2 to $8.

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DQ treats start with high-quality Ingredients and end with a smile.

Blizzard® Treats (See table footer for legend)
Menu Item Calories (kcal) Sugars (g)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Medium 1030 111
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Mini 420 46
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Small 710 76

What is a blizzard cake at Dairy Queen?

What is a Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake? A Blizzard Cake combines a DQ Blizzard treat with layers of creamy vanilla soft serve, fudge and a cookie crunch center to create one irresistible dessert.

Does Dairy Queen still have Snickerdoodle Blizzard 2020?

Sorry, this item is currently unavailable.

What is the healthiest dessert at Dairy Queen?

Healthiest Desserts at Dairy Queen

  • Small Orange Julius. If you love the flavor of an Orange Julius, you’ll love that a small cup is only 200 calories. …
  • Small Vanilla Cone. …
  • Small Mango Light Pineapple Smoothie. …
  • Small Strawberry Sundae. …
  • Small Misty Slush.


What is the lowest calorie ice cream at Dairy Queen?

The Lowest Calorie Desserts at Dairy Queen – 5 Low Calorie Treats

  • DQ Ice-Cream Sandwich – 190 Calories. …
  • Dilly Bar – 190 Calories. …
  • Fudge Bar – 60 Calories (Lowest Calorie Dessert at Dairy Queen) …
  • Vanilla Orange Bar – 70 Calories (Second Lowest Calorie Dessert) …
  • Kid’s Ice Cream Cone – 170 Calories.


Starting at just $2.99, guests can enjoy this abundance of cookie dough in two ways: a thick and spoonable Blast blended with Sonic’s Real Ice Cream and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces or a Real Ice Cream sundae drizzled with rich caramel, both topped with a scoop of soft, edible cookie dough.

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