Is Durex vegan friendly?

Sir Richard’s Condom Company—Not only is the entire product line vegan, but for every condom you buy, they donate a condom to a developing country. … Durex non-latex condoms – Durex’ vegan options include Avanti Ultima, Fetherlite Ultra, and Deluxe. The remainder of its product line is based on milk-containing latex.

Which Durex condoms are vegan?

There are 3 Vegan-friendly Condoms from Durex, which include Avanti Ultima, Featherlite Ultra and Deluxe. Avanti Ultima Condoms use a cutting-edge polyisoprene material thinner than standard Latex and suitable for those sensitive to Latex.

Are Durex lubes vegan?

Durex: Avanti & Fetherlite Ultra

However, Durex, one of the big boys(!) of the condom world, do now offer some vegan condoms. Whilst they are not clearly labelled or marketed as such, a number of their non-latex condoms, such as Avanti and Fetherlite Ultra are indeed suitable for vegans.

Is Durex Realfeel vegan?

Durex (World Wide)

The good news is that all latex-free Durex condoms are vegan (like their ‘Reel Feeling’ condoms).

Can vegans use condoms?

The standard every day condom is made from latex. To make the latex more soft and pliable, manufacturers use an animal substance called casein, which is a milk protein. Since this is an animal product, it is verboten to a vegan. Condoms are a billion dollar plus industry.

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Are LifeStyles condoms vegan?

SKYN, by LifeStyles, provides a few different types polyisoprene condoms that are vegan and latex-free. They produce their polyisoprene condoms at a facility that is completely separate from any facility that makes natural rubber latex. So, if you have an allergy to latex, these condoms are a great option.

Why is paint not vegan?

What makes a paint not Vegan? Ingredients that make paint not vegan include animal derivatives such as from the female lac, (shellac) beetle or Ox gal. Paint (and pigments) can include animal bone, or bone derivatives, or has been tested on animals in some way.

What is the best vegan lube?

The Best Vegan Lubes for a Sexy, Natural Time

  • Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant. Courtesy of Brand. …
  • LuLu #1 Personal Lubricant. Courtesy of Brand. …
  • Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant. Courtesy of Brand. …
  • Anjou Personal Lubricant. …
  • Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricant. …
  • In2Mate Natural Lubricant. …
  • Nelly De Vuyst Lubielle.


Are most lubes vegan?

From wax to the dairy-derived enzyme lactoperoxidase, many personal lubes contain animal ingredients. … Some great vegan lube options are Sliquid, Good Clean Love, Yes, and Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant.

Is yes Lube vegan?

The full YES product range are vegetarian approved. The Vegetarian Society’s trusted “Seedling” symbol awarded to YES WB and OB products is a further endorsement of our ethics and ingredients philosophy.

What are the thinnest Durex condoms?

Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex, designed to maximize the sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection.

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Are Durex Pleasure me condoms safe?

All Durex Play™ lubes are condom-safe – unlike oil-based lubricants which can damage condoms. No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. Use a condom only once. Dermatologically tested.

How big are Durex thin feel condoms?

Nominal width of 52mm.

Can vegans date meat eaters?

It revealed that more than half (52%) of vegan daters would not consider entering a relationship with a meat-eater. On top of that, around 12 percent would refuse to date a vegetarian, due to their intake of animal products.

Do vegan condoms protect against STDS?

Animal product barriers.

Condoms made out of materials like lambskin can have more of a “natural”-feeling texture and also prevent pregnancy, but note: They do not prevent against STIs such as hepatitis B or HIV.

Are magnums condoms vegan?

Certified ethical and vegan by the Vegan Society, GLYDE condoms are free of animal testing and animal by-products, chemicals, parabens, or spermicides.

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