Is Trader Joe’s vegan pesto good?

The pros: Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew and Basil Pesto is excellent pesto that rivals homemade. The cons: Don’t let pesto’s green appearance fool you, this is not a low calorie sauce. The verdict: I love a good pesto. … And yes, I really liked this pesto.

What do you do with Trader Joe’s vegan pesto?

9 Creative Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto (Pasta Is Just the Beginning!)

  1. Avocado Pesto Pasta. …
  2. Pesto Pizza. …
  3. Stuffed Shells or Lasagna. …
  4. Pesto Paninis. …
  5. Tofu. …
  6. Whole Grains. …
  7. Potatoes. …
  8. Edamame Pesto Pear Crostini.


Does Trader Joe’s have vegan pesto?

The $4 Trader Joe’s Find That Upgrades a Week of Otherwise Boring Dinners. … Of course, I found myself browsing the aisles, as one does at Trader Joe’s, and lo and behold, I found that their prepared vegan pesto in the refrigerated section conveniently had all the same ingredients as my own pesto recipe.

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How long does Trader Joes vegan pesto last in the fridge?

If you’ve bought it and keep it in a glass bottle or squeezable containers, the cap will limit oxygen, thanks to the cold and it’ll be good for around 7 days. If you made it yourself , put in a bowl and plan on using a plastic wrap to cover it, I’d say use it within 3 days.

How do you eat Trader Joe’s pesto?

Yep, our number one way to eat pesto is with noodles. We like to toss the hot noodles with a couple of spoonfuls of pesto and then mix in a little parmesan cheese and black pepper. You can serve the noodles plain, or add some cooked broccoli or your favorite vegetable to this dish as well.

Does Trader Joe’s carry vegan cheese?

This week, Trader Joe’s began rolling out new vegan cheese options. The new options—which were spotted by a member on private Facebook group Everything Vegan Trader Joe’s—are made with a cashew base and include vegan Cheddar Style Slices and Mozzarella Style Shreds, both priced at $3.99 per 7-ounce package.

Can you freeze Trader Joes vegan pesto?

I use this pesto on everything from homemade pizza sauce to my pasta dishes! This recipe is great becuase you can keep some of the mixture for the fridge or freeze the leftover for later use so you don’t feel like you’re in a rush to use it up!

What is in Trader Joes vegan pesto?


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What is the best store bought pesto?

The Best Store Bought Pesto

  1. Best Overall – Barilla Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce. …
  2. Best Aromatic Option – Compagnia Sanremo Pesto DOP Basil Pesto. …
  3. Best Mix Option – Knorr Pasta Sauce Mix Pesto. …
  4. Best Traditionally Made Option – Mezzetta Basil Pesto Sauce.

Does Whole Foods have vegan pesto?

Vegan Pesto, 6.5 oz, Sauces ‘n Love | Whole Foods Market.

Is it okay to use expired pesto?

Signs That Pesto Has Gone Bad

The second thing is the smell. If it smells like old oil (or rancid0, it’s rancid and you should discard it. The same thing holds true if it smells funny. Eating rancid pesto most likely won’t make you sick, but it won’t taste nearly as good as fresh pesto.

Does Trader Joe’s pesto go bad?

Refrigerated pesto will last 1-3 weeks in the fridge and can be frozen to last longer, read on for a complete list of signs and variables. The shelf life of pesto depends on a variety of factors such as the best before date, the preparation method and how the pesto is stored.

How much does pesto cost at Trader Joe’s?

For $2.50, this is a good buy and good value and worth keeping a jar or two in your pantry as a go-to item to always have on hand.

Does Trader Joe’s have good pesto?

I love Trader Joe’s pesto. I find it to be a great value for a very flavorful sauce. I have never experienced an odd aftertaste after eating, as some of the other reviews mention. I like this much better than the DIY recipes I’ve tried!

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Does Trader Joe’s have fresh pesto?

The vibrant green and fresh flavors make it natural for many summertime recipes. Homemade basil pesto is easy if you have a food processor and the right ingredients. Many grocers including Trader Joe’s have containers of fresh basil leaves and even live basil plants for about $3-4.

Is green pesto good for you?

Traditional pesto sauce, with its combination of olive oil, pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic and Parmesan cheese, is a healthy addition to any diet. While it is rather high in calories and fat, pesto offers a wealth of nutrients and a punch of flavour that many other sauces lack.

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