Where can I buy Follow Your Heart dairy free sour cream?

Where can I buy dairy free sour cream?

Forager Project Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream

This thick and creamy plant-based sour cream is made from cashews and coconut milk. Where to Buy: You can buy Forager Project sour cream at health food stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods.

Where can you buy Follow Your Heart products?

Buy Follow Your Heart Products at Whole Foods Market.

Where can I buy Follow your heart cream cheese?

Availability: Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Cream Cheese Alternative is sold at independent natural food stores, and some major chains, like Safeway.

Can I order Follow Your Heart products online?

Check us out on Yelp! Order Online: DoorDash.

What is a dairy free substitute for sour cream?

1–4: Dairy-Based Substitutes. There are several good dairy options for replacing sour cream, including Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, crème fraîche and buttermilk.

What is the best dairy free sour cream?

Try these delicious vegan sour cream options from brands you’ll love:

  • Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Sour Cream. …
  • Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, Plain. …
  • WayFare Dairy Free Sour Cream. …
  • Forager Project Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream. …
  • Good Karma Plant-Based Sour Cream. …
  • Simple Truth Plant-Based Sour Cream.
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Is follow your heart cheese good?

I am really happy with the mozzarella Follow Your Heart vegan cheese. I haven’t tried the other varieties (like Cheddar) yet. The mozzarella melts nicely on pizza and tastes almost as good as real mozzarella cheese. … The Follow Your Heart mozzarella is the best vegan cheese I’ve tried so far.

What cheese is dairy free?

Here are the nine most popular cheeses with the lowest lactose ranges:

  • Muenster. 0-1.1% lactose range. Camembert. 0-1.8% lactose range. Brie. 0-2% lactose range.
  • Cheddar (mild and sharp varieties) 0-2.1% lactose range. Provolone. 0-2.1% lactose range. Gouda. …
  • Blue. 0-2.5% lactose range. Parmesan. 0-3.2% lactose range. Swiss.


How do you follow your heart?

Keep your eyes open and your focus wide, because you never know where your heart will nudge you. One of the main ways that I follow my heart is by noticing my feelings. These feelings come with an aroma of peace and subtle encouragement. They are enduring, which means they tend to stay the same over time.

What is the best vegan cream cheese?

This is the best tasting vegan cream cheese

  • 5 Sainsbury’s Free From Original Soft Cheese. …
  • 6 Tesco Free From Coconut Oil Alternative to Soft Cheese. …
  • 7 Koko Dairy Free Soft Cream Cheese. …
  • 8 Waitrose Vegan Original Soft Spreadable. …
  • 9 Bonsan Absolutely Vegan Organic Almond Crème Original. …
  • 10 Tofutti Creamy Smooth Original.

Does Walmart carry Follow Your Heart cheese?

Follow Your Heart American Cheese Slices, 7 oz., 10 Count – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

What does follow your heart mean?

: to do what one would really love to do I decided to follow my heart and take up acting.

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Where can I buy Follow your heart sour cream?

Availability: Follow Your Heart Sour Cream Alternative is primarily sold at natural food stores like Natural Grocers, and smaller shops in the US. It is available at some larger grocery chains, like Vons.

Who is follow your heart owned by?

Follow Your Heart (company)

Industry Vegetarian and Vegan Food
Founders Michael Besançon, Bob Goldberg, Paul Lewin, and Spencer Windbiel
Headquarters Canoga Park, California
Products Vegenaise
Website followyourheart.com

Is follow your heart cheese plant based?

About Follow Your Heart

For over 50 years, Follow Your Heart Brands has established itself as a leader in the dairy-free, plant-based industry.

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