Are Birkenstock Arizona vegan?

The Arizona Vegan is a non-leather version of everyone’s favorite Birkenstock® sandal. Faux-leather uppers feature dual adjustable straps with antiqued hardware. The microfiber-lined contoured cork footbed will mold to the shape of your foot creating a custom footbed that supports and cradles your each and every step.

Does Birkenstock have vegan shoes?

While most Birkenstock shoes are not vegan, Birkenstock does make several vegan options. … Also, Birkenstock’s waterproof line and many of their professional clogs are made with polyurethane, EVA, or Alpro foam, making them vegan-friendly.

Are Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor vegan?

Arizona Vegan Birko-Flor Pull Up in Anthracite (Vegan Footbed – Microfibre Lined)

Are Birkenstock Arizona leather?

The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona is a genuine classic. This individually adjustable unisex two- strap sandal is now available in a casual version in oiled nubuck leather. The soft leather features an open selvage finish, emphasizing the handcrafted and natural look of these stylish sandals.

Is Birkenstock cruelty free?

Birkenstock has been honored with the title of “Most Vegan-Friendly Shoe Company 2017” and this is the second award the company has received from the animal rights organization. … While the company does offer options for customers who are not vegan, the cruelty-free range is extensive.

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Why are Birkenstocks not vegan?

The vegan components of a BIRKENSTOCK shoe

Only quality materials, both man-made and naturally occurring, are sourced to create the sandals in the BIRKENSTOCK vegan collection.

Do vegan Birkenstocks get wet?

A: While it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to rain and other moisture, Birkenstocks can get wet on occasion and still last for years with proper care. … After your Birks have dried, apply Birkenstock Stain and Water Repellent, available as part of the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit.

How do vegans take care of Birkenstocks?

Like all Birkenstock shoes, the footbed of the leather-free version is contoured to match the shape of your foot. Rather than throw your shoes in the washing machine, your vegan Birks should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Does Birkenstock use real leather?

The upper material is made of real leather. BIRKENSTOCK uses sturdy leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 mm for the upper material.

How do vegans care for Birkenstocks?


To keep your footwear fresh, spray the entire footbed with Birkenstock Cleaner & Refresher and wipe away excess moisture and dirt with a cloth. Brush suede and nubuck footbeds with a Nubuck/Suede brush to restore the nap.

Do podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks?

“Even though your jaw may drop when you see a friend walk into a party with Birkenstocks on, they’re actually good for your feet. They provide good shock absorption and arch support.

What is the difference between Arizona and Arizona soft Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock has two foot beds. There is the classic, (some call it regular) then there is the soft foot bed. They are virtually the same as far as supports, the main difference is that the soft foot bed has a layer of padding in between the layers of the foot bed so it is softer and more cushiony then the classic.

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What is the difference between leather and oiled leather Birkenstock?

Birkenstock uses top-grain cowhide for their leather uppers. The smooth finish is durable and easy to clean. One can easily clean and condition leather with a Leather Balm. Oiled leather has a soft feel and is less shiny.

Are Birkenstocks made in China?

Birkenstocks are made in Germany, not China. If you see that they are made in China they are 100% counterfeit. A fake shoe might misspell the name, or not include it at all.

Does Birkenstock use real mink?

The popular BIRKENSTOCK Arizona is a classic model with two adjustable straps. Featured in genuine high-quality suede – and is now available in an extra cozy version thanks to a soft, bright genuine shearling lining on the anatomically formed cork-latex footbed and straps.

Birkenstock Arizona in Mink Shearling.

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Are Crocs vegan?

Most Crocs, including the most popular originals and Fuzzy Crocs, are entirely vegan. They are made of a patented material called Croslite, which is a synthetic product. … The main issue when buying Crocs as a vegan is to avoid leather.

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