Is Pizza Express pepperoni gluten free?

Pizza Express has added another gluten-free pizza to its Cook at Home range – a Gluten-Free American Pepperoni Pizza topped with pepperoni, creamy mozzarella and passata.

Are Pizza Express pizzas gluten-free?

Yes, we have a wide range of gluten-free pizzas and other dishes available for coeliacs and guests that are gluten intolerant. … Our gluten-free flour is a gluten-free white rice flour. It’s completely wheat-free, as is our tomato passata and mozzarella cheese.

Do Pizza Express do gluten-free dough balls?

Gluten-free choices

Our Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’ are also available gluten-free.

Is Pizza Express garlic butter gluten-free?

Gluten-free Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’

A PizzaExpress classic, with garlic butter. Gluten-free.

Is Pizza Express gluten-free base vegan?

Our pizza bases are completely free of animal and dairy products and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. … We offer a vegan mozzarella alternative*, free from gluten, soya, nuts, preservatives, palm oil and is suitable for those with a reduced dairy diet.

What is the best gluten free pizza?

Our favorite gluten-free frozen pizzas to order online

  • Pizano’s gluten-free deep dish pizza two-pack. …
  • California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken gluten-free pizza. …
  • Tony’s Pizza Napoletana gluten-free pizza three-pack. …
  • DiGiornio ultra thin gluten-free sausage supreme pizza.
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Does Papa Johns do gluten free?

Papa John’s does now have a gluten-free crust available. So you can now enjoy their pizza and wings.

Does Pizza Hut gluten free?

We’ve been proudly serving Gluten Free Pizza since 2012 – and we’ve used what we’ve learnt since then to create our first fully Gluten Free Menu. Check out our classic Gluten Free Pizzas, as well as new favourites like our Hot Chocolate Brownie.

Does dominos do gluten free?

Domino’s Gluten Free Crust pizza was created to accommodate pizza fans who want to reduce the amount of gluten they consume. … Please note that our Gluten Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with our other pizzas. Customers with severe gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment before consuming.

Do Pizza Express do gluten free pasta?

We are proud to have a range of gluten-free food on our menu at our PizzaExpress restaurants, including risotto, sorbets and a pilsner. … Coeliac UK have awarded us with their gluten-free accreditation due to these changes and to put your mind at rest.

Is Nandos gluten free?

We don’t have any gluten-free restaurants at Nando’s and we use a lot of bread in the various burgers and wraps we sell- but don’t worry, we can take precautions to minimise any gluten contamination! Our manager on duty will always be happy to discuss this with you when you order.

Do Frankie and Bennys have a gluten free menu?

At Frankie’s, we cater to all appetites and we’ve worked hard on creating a gluten-free menu that offers just as much choice as our main menu. Feast on fully loaded Potato Skins, Carbonara, or our famous Double Bacon Cheeseburger.

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Does Pizza Hut pizza contain eggs?

Although some Pizza Hut® restaurants offer Udi’s® certified gluten-free crust and select gluten-free ingredients, Pizza Hut® restaurants are not gluten-free environments. … Like most restaurants, we prepare and serve products that may contain egg, milk, soy, wheat or other allergens.

Is Pizza Express dairy free?

Our pizza bases are completely free of dairy products. … All our pizzas are made freshly to order and, can be ordered without the items that render it unsuitable. For more information, see our Food Allergens. You will notice that not all of our dishes are listed.

How many calories in a gluten free pizza express?

Energy: 230 calories

Protein 7.9g
Carbs 36.1g
Fat 6.1g

Is Gran Milano parmesan?

The menu describes the cheese used in the dish to be Gran Milano no Parmesan. At this point another waiter arrived and began explaining that they do not have Parmesan cheese as they stopped using it 2 years ago. … He continued to try and explain that some people call it Parmesan but it is infant Grab Milano.

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